ANC 2022: Powered by Imagination

Deep dive into every topic from the nuts and bolts of K-12 school foodservice to cutting-edge insights. All the traditional education formats will be back for ANC 2022 including 60-minute sessions, 30-minute Ideas@Work and general sessions featuring inspiring keynote speakers.

New Director's Track

New! Have you been a director for less than three years? Then this track is for you! At #ANC22, we invite you to expand your network with content developed specifically with you in mind. Follow the New Directors Track, for special pre-conference workshops, education sessions and in-person and virtual meetups—all designed to help you run a successful program back home. You’ll receive the training you need, hear from experienced mentors in the field and make new connections that could last a lifetime! Space is limited—first come, first served. Must register for Director’s Track pre-conference workshop

Game-Changer Sessions

Somewhere between a grand general session and a typical smaller education session, Game Changers accommodate larger groups for more interaction and learning.

Yes, And…Improving Leadership and Communication Through Improv

Speaker: Jon Colby

The basic rules of improv deal with finding agreement, listening, leading by empowering others and making and celebrating those choices—all while thinking quickly. These same attributes can be applied to the workplace. Jon Colby’s improv and quick thinking session will help you improve networking skills, build stronger leaders, foster creativity and encourage employees and clients to feel more valued. This interactive session will give you an entertaining opportunity to grow in a safe environment and walk away with valuable skills that can be put to use immediately.

Six Ways to Know If You Are Culturally and Linguistically Responsive

Speaker: Dr. Sharroky Hollie

There is a buzzword phrase floating around the K-12 sector—being “culturally and linguistically responsive.” This teaching principle focuses on the importance of including a student’s cultural references in all aspects of learning—and benefits all students including many students who have been traditionally underserved in schools. With so much recent focus on diversity, inclusion and equity and how implementation of the three can help students be academically successful, are you embracing these concepts in your workplace? In this thought-provoking session, Dr. Sharroky Hollie will help you understand if you are truly culturally and linguistically responsive in your mindset and skillset.

Part of SNA’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion series sponsored by LINQ. 

Dare To Be Distinct: Reimagine Inclusive Conversations 

Speaker: Mariama S. Boney, LMSW, CAE, CPEC 

Do you wonder how to approach tough topics, and issues when the stakes are high and still preserve a safe pathway to honor all voices? As an award-winning educational administrator, plus DEIA, leadership, and wellbeing consultant as well as coach, Mariama will share insights for how you can use courageous conversations to accelerate your impact. Advance an inclusive environment and keep your team strong while fostering a powerful connection, sense of belonging, professional wellbeing, and engagement. Learn about the data, trends, tips, and phrases to use that reinforce common bonds for commitment to interpersonal, team, and organizational success! 

 Part of SNA’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion series sponsored by LINQ. 

Membership Section Meetings

These special meetings allow peers from districts and schools all over the country to come together to discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions for their school nutrition programs.


These fast-paced learning sessions are focused on singular innovations, tracing the path of a big idea from concept to implementation and identifying the steps to put the idea to work in your operation.

Roundtable Sessions

Discussions on hot topics led by the experts. You’ll enjoy learning while networking with your peers from across the country in a more informal environment with NO POWERPOINT presentations.

#OpenSpace: Social Learning

Use the ANC mobile app to discover new topics being discussed at the conference. The goal of #OpenSpace is to informally exchange ideas and short best practices in 20- to 30-minute intervals.

Culinary Demos

There’s nothing more delicious than discovering fresh ways to prepare and serve school meals. Listen in and watch chefs who will share culinary secrets and nutrition tips to increase participation at your school, as well as kid-approved recipes!

Learning Bursts

These 30-minute, fast-paced sessions are focused on critical school nutrition topics designed for shorter virtual attention spans and curious minds.